3D printed quadcopter frame. (Coreless 7mm, Scisky)


First 3D model for printing a quadcopter frame. I want it to be light and strong.

Feedback welcome.

It has two overhangs. One (x8) at the top of the “vent” in the motor housing and another (x4) at the top of the motor housing. Its a 7mm hole with a cap with a 5mm hole in it.


  1. In Openscad whats a good value for $fs? (I have chosen 0.1 but it takes ages to render)

  2. What are the units?? I have assumed millimetres. The quote on Thingiverse implied this was correct.

  3. I have added no tolerance for the 7mm motor housing but I have added a slot top to bottom and I am hoping there will be enough flex to get the motors in through the hole in the bottom. (Slot is in addition to the “vents”) Will this work?

  4. Can I work out the volume or weight?

  1. $fs of 0.1 is probably fine as long as the file size of the exported STL isn’t massive. Lower the better really, but at some point it’ll stop being useful.

  2. It’s technically unitless but I think it is generally assumed it is mm unless specified otherwise.

  3. This will depend on how accurate your printer is - chances are it’ll be fine and the motors will sit snugly.

  4. Download Cura load the STL file - it’ll tell you both.