3D Printer build/buy advice



I’m looking to get my first 3D printer and would like some advice. With a budget of around £200-350 I’m wondering if it would be best to buy a kit (there’s a lot of them on Amazon/Banggood/AliExpress for around that price) or buy the bits and extrusions to build my own?

I would want to use it for intricate/durable items like this:

I’d like a build area of 150mm cubed minimum, more if possible but not at the expense of print quality.

Could those with experience give some pointers please?



I bought an Ender 3 FDM printer from Gearbest a while back, and have been really impressed with the print quality. There’s a deal on, now - £142.


Print volume is 235 x 235 x 250.
Amazing print quality, comparable to printers two or three times the price.
Min layer height with stock nozzle is about 0.08mm
24v - nozzle and build surface heats up really quickly.


Might need to buy a new build surface.
Q&A in the factory is variable. Nothing that can’t be solved with a few tweaks.
Z-axis rods has a sight design flaw that means you may need to print a spacer to get it straight.

With a few tweaks - the results are incredible!


Thanks for the reply. It’s been a long time since I looked at off the shelf stuff and I hadn’t realised how far they had come along in terms of quality. I’m now busily looking at reviews and comparisons with the current leaders being the Creality CR-10 or the Anycubic i3 Mega.


The Anet A6 is very good, it is a better design than the A8, if you need a larger volume, the Anet E12 is also a great printer, but it does need a few mods.
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Ended up with the Anycubic. It had similar performance reviews to the creality, but I liked the bed surface coating for no messing with hairspray etc.