4th December - Hackspace Open Day


This is it! 100% No going back!

We definitely underestimated the amount of work that needed doing and the time it took for the roof to get replaced. But for the last few weeks we’ve been putting up new lights, scraping away water damaged plaster (yay no more leaks!), sticking up new surrounds to tidy up the join with the roof and sorting out the horrible electrics that we inherited.

We have just shy of 4 whole weeks to get the last bits done in prep for the open day, my current list is the following:

Space stuff

  • Plaster the new entrance wall, the upstairs corner and the small wall in the front room.
  • Paint everything that needed plastering. Paint a couple other walls so we don’t look like a giant white apple shop. Mel and i have been wondering about doing some forced perspective painting up the stairs…
  • Afix the generously donated wall trunking thats going to house all the plugs and ethernet upstairs.
  • Finish the plastic surround in the back room.
  • Put in some standoff sheeting to hide the large metal drain in the front room.
  • Get what shelving we have up on the walls
  • Get at least one tv mounted either in the upstairs front or back rooms.
  • Have a meeting to decide what we want to do with downstairs, plus have a clear out of all the crap that’s congregated under the stairs.

General stuff

  • We need to tell everyone, yes i mean everyone

Please use this clip of Gary Oldman for reference:

This means twitter, Facebook and Meetup (which i’ll cover). But we also need a list of suggestions for local businesses, groups etc, that we can make the day known to. Ideally by next weekend (5-6th) to give people plenty of notice. So i suggest we draw up a list this Thursday at the open night.

  • We need to know who is available on the day and what stuff people are going to bring. It would be nice to have more than just the 1 3d printer going. We’ll have the pi noon bots jousting at some point, plus various member projects, maybe some foam cutting in prep for a casting at some point. I’m sure Dave can be persuaded to bring his connect4 playing bot plus other bits that put the rest of us to shame.

  • With all of the above can people state when they’re available to help out with stuff. Also we really need someone who can plaster, ideally available next weekend so we can get on with painting the weekend after.

If i’ve missed anything out just shout, i’ll keep adding to this over the next few days.



What start time should we publish?


I think 10am would be a good start time.


Events for the open-day are now up on Facebook and Meetup. Please retweet/share/whatever, to get the word out as much as possible.