A good first 3D printer?


I have found this printer on Gearbest: http://www.gearbest.com/3d-printers-3d-printer-kits/pp_337314.html It is currently at £130, half the usual price. I am aware it is a DIY kit. Would this be a good choice for a first printer?


Wotcha Robert. It’s a fairly standard design - should be fine. I bought this one:


Which is similar, but much more metal. I found this better because I tend to move mine around a lot and it doesn’t get knocked out of alignment. Neil doesn’t recommend metal because of expansion I believe, but I’ve not noticed any problems so far. Most my problems were not knowing where to stick the fan which cools the extruded filament. Also mine didn’t come with a spool reel. My hand made job seems to do the trick…

At that price, I doubt you’d get all the components much cheaper. You can always rebuild it with the bits you get if you don’t like it!


I watch Tim build his printer, based on how good the kit was I got the same one. I would research how good the kits are on youtube. Many come with parts missing or issues building them. They are never like lego. The kit from the above guy was no different but the seller was very good to communicate with and some minor omissions were “quickly” dealt with. I think you will struggle to find a totally reliable budget printer kit. Note, however, that the design has evolved from the kits Tim and I got. I checked my order history and it links to the same kit, which is different than the one I order. However, if you are looking for a budget printer I found this seller was a good one to buy from.