Current state of the space


We’ve been in the new space nearly a month now so i should probably update you on what’s going on!


It’s been decided in principle that downstairs will be for fabrication; wood/metalwork/noisy stuff in the room at the back with the main room for electronics, soldering and general project building. Upstairs will be for coding, teaching, breadboard electronics, textiles/sewing etc. Basically keeping the clean stuff and the dirty stuff separate.

That’s the idea anyway, if it doesn’t work or we find better/additional uses as we broaden our membership, we’ll change it!

Space issues

The only real problem we have with the space is the roof, it has three known leaks that we’ve had to mitigate with buckets. The whole roof is being replaced by the landlord, but that won’t happen for 1 or 2 months, this means in the mean time we can’t put down new carpet in the upstairs front room and…

Some of you may of heard we got flooded last Sunday with the torrential downpour. Unfortunately the roof didn’t cope with the amount of rain due to it’s general poor construction (plus the guttering being semi-clogged) and we had water running down the walls, right down through to the ground floor where it pooled (photos below). We’re reasonably sure that it’s a one off (I’ve been in the space 3 times during subsequent rainfall and we only had our normal 3 drips) but it does make us cagey about putting stuff out.

Since Sunday we’ve cleaned everything up and have been relatively lucky in terms of the vast majority of kit not getting wet. But until the roof is fixed we’ll be keeping all tables away from the walls and not mounting anything on walls, we’ll also keep stuff off the floor in the workshop area.


In the coming weeks we’ll be looking to create a second door and wall in the entrance way. We’ve found after researching that the multi point lock on the current outside door would be very expensive to activate with a keyfob reader so we’re going to go for an approach of having a punch code for the outside door then a keyfob door directly afterwards. This way we can provide 24/7 access again just as we did at the last space.

In the meantime the space will be open on Mondays for the coding night (Starting on the 27th June) from 7pm and the usual Thursday Open Evening at the very minimum.

Recruitment / Open Day

We have a bigger space, so lo and behold it costs more money! We’re also paying for electric and water for the first time too and will soon have broadband up and running. So the long and short of it is that for the Hackspace to be sustainable in the long-run we need to increase our member count. We hope to do this by promoting the space a bit more, getting you guys to spread the word but also by having an official opening day for the space where we can get the echo and local groups to come along and generally show off the space. We’re looking at September for that as hopefully by then the roof will be fixed and we’ll of had enough time to kit out the space with more storage and equipment.

If you have any questions about what’s going on or any ideas on what we can do in the next couple of months to improve the space just drop them in below.


A bit started falling off of my car while I was in Cheltenham, so Sarah and I swung by to use some spanners. The first chance I’ve had to drop by the space in weeks!

I have some felt and bitumen adhesive lying around - if we can get up onto the roof (safely!) we may be able to put some temporary patches over the leaks, if we know where they are while we wait for the proper fix.

Whie we were there, we found glass etching cream in the kitchen cupboard. Fearing a possible poisoning incident at some point in the future, I took the liberty of putting that on the shelves in the main upstairs room (and moved the silicone chocolate mould into the kitchen cupboard, as it was in direct sunlight)! Once we have everything settled down, we should probably put a “Eating and drinking area (No toxic substances)” sign on the door to the kitchen/bathroom area :smile:

I can’t wait to get properly settled in! Sorry I’ve not been around to help the past few weeks, my family have been keeping me busy lots. And now it looks like my car is broken, too :frowning: