Evacuating the Space


As we’re having to leave our Space, we’re going to need to rapidly pack everything up and move it to temporary storage.

The current plan is:

Wednesday the 17th of Feb: Work party to dismantle and pack everything. Some people will start at 2pm, most will start at 7pm.

Thursday the 18th of Feb: Work party to load cars and vans and take it all to temporary storage, 7pm onwards.

Anyone who can lend a hand (or a van/car on Thursday) - please come!


We’ve managed to make a start on dismantling the tables tonight.

That’ll need to continue tomorrow day, tomorrow evening will be sorting out the electrical items, auditing what we have and who’s going to look after it. That’ll leave flat packed tables, roller chairs and heavy stuff for thursday.


I’ve been given an OK to store some stuff at GCA (Gloucestershire Cheer and Dance Academy) for a while. I’m just awaiting confirmation that we can drop stuff their on Thursday evening. They are located here.


Sorry chaps, but I’m not going to be able to help you tonight. I’ll try to get over tomorrow night at about 7.


We’ve got quite a lot done tonight, managed to get 6 car loads to the storage over the course of the evening, we’ve also piled up and deconstructed most of the room.

We’ve still got quite a bit to go so we’ll definately still need the van and other transport to get everything across tomorrow night.

So this is the current state:


Morning all,
Do you need extra bodies today? Some of us could come over from Oxford if you like.


Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, Jenny - awesome kind of you to offer! But we managed it all OK :smiley:


Anyone know what became of my purple straps?
UPDATE: Now returned, cheers Al, hope it all went smoothly.



Yep! It was late and sleepy that evening, so I dropped them back the next day :wink: They almost got packed away into a box, though - I had to rescue them!