FOREMAN: Sonic Screwdriver


Hi, all! I’m the one of the executive producers on a Doctor Who fan-series called Foreman and we’re struggling to develop our Sonic Screwdriver prop. We have the designs finalised and we’ve gutted a ‘touch-control’ Sonic Screwdriver toy for the mechanism and electronics, but we’re really stumped on how best to pull off the final prop - of which two will need to be made, because one of our team-members has asked for one in lieu of payment!

Right now, we only need to get the one together, but there’s a tight deadline - needs to be finished and ready to demonstrate for the True Believers Comic Festival on the 4th of February!

The Touch Control Sonic Screwdriver parts are basically a spring-loaded ‘deployment’ mechanism and an LED/sound chip controlled by two capacitative foils. It’s our hope to be able to integrate these into the final prop, so as to avoid the difficult welding and so on.

Images of the prop’s 3D model are attached.
Anyone willing to assist us - be that through advice, suggestions, or even volunteering to get stuck into the manufacture - please drop me a line here or at!!AgLiKQ_2xhnA5xSDHmBAERUzmmnp