Hack the Space Day - Saturday 1st December


On Saturday 1st of December were going to have ‘hack the space’ day, as it’s probably the last time we can get people together to work on the space before xmas and new years.

General things to do:

  • Do a bit of a merciless throw away of old tat and other stuff blocking up the space and not being used.
  • Tidy up the remaining stuff so the hackspace looks a bit better and is easier to use!
  • Put up a load of new signs to help people know where stuff lives and where member storage is.
  • Work out what bits are missing that’ll help us store and organise the space eg. I know we need to get a set of hooks for the ear defenders that have been donated to the space.
  • Put up the new antenna on the rear wall so we can have a dedicated amateur radio table in the computer room upstairs (Weather Dependant!)

But also (depending on our treasurers availability) we’ll have a sit down and go though how the space is doing in terms of funds and we’ll have a discussion about what we think will be useful to work towards in regards to getting new kit for the space.

Start time will be 10am, hopefully be finished by around 3-4pm.


Ah bum, I’m away this weekend, otherwise I’d have popped down to help out - not sure I can make it down before then. :frowning_face: