K40 Laser Cutter


The K40 Laser Cutter is now in place at the space, though currently listed as out of use.

I’ve updated the Equipment wiki with a wealth of information on the project.

We currently need a number of things doing, though the priority is:

  • RAMPS board to be powered up automatically when the laser is turned on. This is because without control, the laser defaults to “on” which could lead to fires.
  • PWM control isn’t working right. May need POT completely disconnecting and a firmware upgrade… hoping to do this next Monday 28th Nov 16
  • Case interlocks and safety button to be wired in.

I do not need to be present when the project is being worked on. I’ve volunteered a couple of people to help, but the world will not end if it gets broken. It’ll just be frustrating to those salivating in the aisles looking forward to using a working laser cutter.

Please read the wiki page and all of the links off it to get a really good idea what is going on before trying to “help” :slight_smile:


laser firmware has been fixed! Andy is going to go for an upload next thurs. I’ll be down w/c 3rd to have another play.


Laser currently incorrectly firing at all times so don’t turn it on unless you know what you’re doing. Should be a tweak we can fix tonight.

Stepper dimensions off. (x/y seem to be the wrong way round)

z-bed unresponsive in software. May be software or if more intelligent than expected, my terrible wiring.

Forgot the spades to wire in the emergency stop again.

Hopefully after a decent session tonight I’ll be ready to do some laser training next week.


Good news everybody! It’s cutting fine now, though we’re still trying to work out why it only achieves a cut of about 2.5mm on wood. It’s either a settings or a dirty lens so will have a look next Monday (9th)

The raster issue (currently ghosting only in the X axis may be a laser alignment issue (ie it’s not hitting the middle of the mirror) or alternatively I may have put the lens in the wrong way up (this is unlikely).

Hope to cut a new control panel to flip the amp meter the right way up and remove the manual PWM control which is redundant now.