Laser Sails in Space


Project Glowworm is being run by the Initiative for Interstellar Studies with a view to do research into materials and systems that will contribute eventually to the launching of a laser-sail device in LEO (Low earth Orbit).

Details of the project are on our website at

If anyone from Cheltenham Hackspace or further afield is interested in getting involved, please contact me, Dave Miller at


Is no-one interested in participating in this exciting project? Or just no time available? I’d be interested to hear what people think about it, regardless if you can get involved.



I am desperate to have a hand in laser sails in space, but am short on time :slight_smile:

What skills/resources are lacking? Other than the obvious (money)!


Hi Alaric,

There is a fund building, donated from existing supporters of i4is, with a goal of Euro50,000. I think we have about 15,000 so far.

I was hoping that Cheltenham Hackspace may be able to contribute something to the project. There are many areas of research and there will be a requirement at some stage to produce surface mount PCBs as chipsat prototypes.

i4is has close ties with research establishments and universities, so it is hoped some research can be done in collaboration with them.

It is also open to collaboration from anyone with appropriate skills, although I haven’t seen a list of the required skills or shortages so far.

The organiser of project Glowworm, is Andreas Hein. I will ask for more info, but you always drop him a line offering your services on whatever time basis you have available - even if it is just ideas and support through discussion.

His email is


The forum is not massively frequented. I know the CNC mill is now producing PCBs.

I have a laser, but it’s not a good one to use in space, it barely works down on earth. It can cut lightweight materials though as long as they’ve not got any nasties that’ll come out (like clorine gas). May help cut down your costs, the laser cost is about £5 an hour (goes towards the next tube)


Any updates on this :)?


Hi Aaron,

I have been tied up with other things, but if you would like to email Andreas he will bring you up-to-date.

Best regards