Looking for a workshop/shared space


Hi all

I’m Mark and I work for the company that makes Radbot, a hands off, no phone connection smart radiator valve with built in AI (fully buzzword compliant). This isn’t a plug for Radbot, although it is fab and worth checking out.

Rather, we’re looking to rent some workshop type space for a short period of 2-3 months, ideally somewhere between or near Highnam or Stroud. When I was a member of Surrey and Hampshire Hackspace (until I left the UK) there were several members who had access to that type of facility. We’re happy to (a) pay and (b) share, but there are a couple of restrictions: we need to be able to move pallets in and out (implies ground floor and access doors) and set up a couple of tables inside to do some work and packaging stuff up.

Would anyone from the hackspace be able to help connect me with such a space please?

Regards, Mark