Making a Stamp


Ok so this is kind of merging all things project - for Gloucester grass roots poetry society I am making origami creatures, mini scrolls and other paper craft items but we thought it would be nice to make a stamp to go with these projects of the logo. Logo I think was created via a vynal cut anyway so kind of already looks like a stamp which might make it too blurry but should be easy enough to clean up etc…

I don’t want to hand carve a wooden stamp or hand cut rubber sheeting as I don’t yet have full dexterity back in my hands and wondered if a mounted programmable router or possibly the laser cutter or some multi staged process with the 3D printer might work?

Any ideas?

Thankyou for your time



I assume this is an ink stamp.

Options that spring to mind.
Print design using laser printer, transfer to metal object and acid/electical etch.
Use the router to carve from material of choice.

Unfortunately I’m busy for the next couple of week and unlikely to have time in the space, how urgent is this?


Initial date is the 20th of May but I have a back up plan for that as I thought that would be tight - so the main festival is in October which gives more design and making space.

Yes it’s an ink stamp :slight_smile:


I’ve seen people 3D print drag knives for the CNC machine which should be able to cut thin rubber shapes that you could mount to wood?


Laser all the things.

It’s working on most things now, but not rastering. I’ve raised the issue this evening to the developer. Fingers crossed it’s a quick fix. It’s rastering you want ideally!

It cannot cut vinyl - it’s extremely toxic. It can engrave rubber, plastic, wood, leather etc. Make sure you speak to me or one of the other trained people - the cutter has fun unsafety features you need to be aware of.


Cool thanks :slight_smile: