Making myself a new welding bench


My old welding bench curves up in the middle (because I did too many welds on the underneath, and learnt about shrinkage in the process), and wobbles because its legs are too thin.

I went with Chas and James (not to be confused with Chas and Dave) to the scrapyard in Cheltenham one fine Saturday morning, and we picked up some large square steel tubing and a big, thick, steel plate with tread pattern on one side. They wanted some for a CNC project, so we got it all back to Chas’ workshop in my car, whereupon Chas cut the plate in half while I chopped up some of the square tubing. We split the costs and split the metal, so I ended up with a square of thick steel plate, plus enough tubing to make a square frame with four legs.

I’ve started welding it together; the frame is intact, but needs more welds - I have not welded around all sides of the square tubes where they join yet. I need to add braces between the legs to reinforce it, as well (I’m going to use some thinner square tubing I have lying around).

I need to weld some brackets around the inside of the top of the frame, and then drill through them and the top so I can screw the top on (with countersunk screws). My cousin-in-law advised I make the top removable, so I can split it into two parts that are just about light enough for me to move should I need to!

I also want to install a shelf underneath it (only half the width, so I can still get my knees under one side), and a mounting bracket for an antique blacksmith’s leg vice I own. And I need to tidy up some sharp edges on the top with the angle grinder. But the bench is being useful as it is!


The original steel plate, ready to be chopped:

The leg vice:

The bench so far:


The welding bench is now pretty epic - here’s a video of the (for now) finished article: