Newbie Intro


Hi there :slight_smile:
I just ‘happened’ across Cheltenham Hackspace and it sounds fantastic!
I’m keen to know more and will be looking to pop over to Cheltenham when there’s people around. I saw on the website that there’s a non-members meet (if that’s the right phrase) today (26/12/2018) at 7pm. I plan to come over but it’d be great if anyone is able to confirm the space will be open.
Looking forward to meeting you


HI Sue,

Usually open day is on Thursday evenings from 7pm onwards - but it might be worth tweeting the hackspace as you’re more likely to get an answer, to be on the safe side!




There isn’t a meet tonight for sewing and textiles (we expect most people to be still digesting their Xmas dinner), but the normal open night will be going ahead Thursday night from 7pm. If you pop along then I can show you round the space.


Thanks guys, I’ll pop over tomorrow and have a look around. I’m looking forward to finding out more.

Ps… don’t worry if there’s no-one there, just making my way across and finding the location will be good.