Official opening of the new space


We’ve been in the new space for some time, but on a rather interim basis as the roof repairs progress and we get the access control system installed.

However, with those hurdles behind us, this Thursday (the 13th of October), we’ll be fully open!

This mainly means that 24/7 access to members will return, and better than before. The way it works is this: We have a front door that locks with a key, which is located in the key safe to the left of the door. Members are told the code to the safe so they can let themselves into the vestibule, whereupon their individual contactless access tag will open the door.

So, members (and people who’d like to become members to take advantage of this), come along on the Thursday to get signed up on the access control system, told the code to open the key safe, and shown how to use the system!

We look forward to seeing you!

We plan to have a more public opening (to which we will invite the press) once we’ve done some more cosmetic work on the Space, and put up shelves - both of which have been delayed by the leaking roof, so we can finally press ahead on them. Watch this space!


Great news :slight_smile: