Opportunity to increase the size of the space!


A few days ago our landlord got in contact with us to say that the garage that rents the other half of our building is moving out in 4-6 weeks. For those who haven’t had it explained our building is subdivided into 2 units, we get the front and the upstairs (red shade on the pic below) and the second unit comprises of a large ‘L’ shaped two story high room that goes alongside and around the back of our unit.

The two sections are connected by a door which when we moved in was blocked by chipboard, our tool wall downstairs now covers this doorway (Yellow on the pic below)

We’ve been asked if we would like to take on some or all of the other unit. The whole of the rear unit would cost us approx £750 a month which for perspective is more than what we’re paying for everything (rent/bills/insurance) so far on the current unit!

So barring us finding a rich benefactor out the blue; we’re really looking at taking on around half the space (denoted by the red line on the pic above). This will more than double the downstairs area we have for ‘dirty working’ / fabrication, and would allow us to explore the idea of using our current proper dirty working room (R1 on the pic above) as a darkroom or something else that the space currently doesn’t provide for.

Currently as it stands we have some surplus cash each month so we’re doing fine in regards to our current size. We’ve also got a bit of cash in the bank which we keep as a buffer. This monthly surplus however is not enough to cover the extra cost of gaining the new space so…

we would like to ask members if they would be willing to increase their membership on a voluntary and hopefully short term basis to help cover the cost of the extra space until we’ve recruited some more members to help pay for the increased size

The more members that up their membership, the less we dig into our cash buffer and the longer we have to gain the extra membership. But obviously as part of that we want to know what you would like to use the space for since you’ll be paying for it!

A bigger space allows us to provide more workspace to members but also allows us to house more of the big ticket items (Like our new A2 Lasercutter) that you don’t normally have access to.

So based on the response and how much extra money we raise we’ll then make a decision on what to do next. Please let me know below what you think of the idea + what you think we could use the space for.

If you’re a member and you’d like to up your payment please email Hello@cheltenhamhackspace.org and i’ll send you the details, if you’re not a member and you’re just seeing this from Facebook or Twitter; please share or even better, if you’re Cheltenham based become a member! :grin:

Many thanks

Founder & Director
Cheltenham Hackspace


After an enthusiastic response from members, we’re going ahead with taking half of the space next door. Andy has drawn up a nice little pic of what it’ll look like!

So ignore the toilet (That belongs to the other half of the unit) but everything else is ours from May 1st!


Does that mean we all need to increase our monthly subscriptions?




It means the hackspace as a whole needs to bring in more money each month to pay for all this, but it doesn’t mean that any member is obliged to pay more :slight_smile:

Some of us may pay more, particularly if they feel that the extra space benefits them, but we mainly hope to get more cool tools in the new space and thus attract more members!