POLL: Can any members chip in a little more each month?


We were lucky to find such a cheap space as we had, and we may not be so lucky the next time.

If we need to move to a more expensive space, we can fund it in one of two ways - more members, or more money per member. We have a small “emergency fund” in the bank account, so we can take on a space we can’t currently afford, as long as we can raise income rapidly!

As finding new members can be a slow process, it would be useful if existing members could increase their monthly donations to cover the increased cost until we have more members.

If you might be able to, for a limited period only, pay a bit more please email James on hello at cheltenhamhackspace dot org (don’t post it on the forum unless you want the world to know!), so we have a rough idea of how far we can stretch!