Pulse Jet


I’ve bought a set of metal rollers so it should be easier to form the cones this time.


Oooh that sounds good


I now have some thinner stainless sheets to make the rest of the cones. I also have a rather heavy parcel which I think are the metal rollers.

We need to arrange another day at the shed…


Writing a submission for EMF, what do we want in the description?

  • Lockwood pulse jet
  • Fire it up a few times per day as demos
  • Will provide hearing protection for spectators

What else?
I guess done detail on who we are as a hackspace and the materials?


All sounds good, funnily enough I got an email from emf the other day asking us to submit a call for participation (which I assume is what you are filling out https://www.emfcamp.org/cfp )

Maybe stress that its experimental and we have no idea if it will work :wink:


Our submission has been successful! They’ll be in contact soon to confirm our entry in the programme etc.

For now:
“This sounds great! Are you imagining moving it somewhere far away from the site for demonstrations, or are you looking to keep it in-place?”


Of course this ups the pressure on us to actually build the thing.
Now we have a more space I suggest that we meet at the space once a week, we can do most things there bar the welding.
Now we just need to fix the day.
I vote for wednesday.


Sounds good. Start from this Wednesday?


Yep. I’ll bring the parts and the sheet stainless.
Plan to be there about 7 - 7.30


I have a leaf blower now. Might need some tlc or I might not be using it properly but it starts and runs at least


I’m not around this Wednesday so feel free to carry on with it without me this week


I’ve just ordered some 15mm stainless steel pipe for the fuel rail.
i’m planning on doing more welding at my workshop on Thursday.