Searching for a new (long-term) home for the Space


As we’re being kicked out of our current space, we need to find a new one!

We have temporary storage sorted - this topic relates to the search for a new long-term home, not temporary accomodation.

Anyone who has a potential lead - please post it in this topic, and update it with any results of contacts you’ve made.


Not what we really want, but a few places that do room hire by the evening:

Upstairs in the Frog and Fiddle

Deep Space Works (where Geek Nights happens) - JAMES: Get in touch with them


I’m looking into the possibilities of one of the Halls at St Barnabas on Orchard Way. I’ve sent details to James. I have keys if anyone wants to check it out.
Chris S


Could someone give me a call or check the email I sent.

Mike Tonge

07837 825730


Here’s a place on an industrial estate off the Tewkesbury Road:

I’ve worked in one of those units and they’re very well laid out, very
secure and the contracts are good. They have a lot of other small
businesses around that might pay us to make or fix stuff for them.


Yep i’ve seen those before. I emailed them earlier today to find out how much their various sizes cost. Just waiting on a response, hopefully should have an answer tomorrow.


A slightly out of the box idea (but something to consider):

The issue would be where to put it, but I wonder whether a local engineering business would be willing to let us park in their car park in exchange for some advertising?

It would also be a great talking point for recruitment - an office with an ‘H’ on the window doesn’t raise any eyebrows, a double decker bus with ‘Cheltenham Hackspace’ written down the side with a mental paint job certainly will…



This ‘shed’ is about the right size, but it’s going to be COLD in the winter and it doesn’t look very secure.

It may still be worth a look though.


There may be some space available in a business unit at Gloucestershire (Staverton) Airport.

I understand a location that far from Cheltenham town centre isn’t ideal, but it may on the other hand help attract more members from Gloucester.

Currently the unit is subdivided down to 200 sqft; I’ve informed him that’s not big enough, and asked how much space could be made available.

The owner is out of town until 10th of March and it will be much easier for him to provide precise details when he returns. I’ll post an update when he does.


I read last year that Launchpad in Tewksbury was seriously under used and were in danger of closing.

It’s a long shot, but they may be willing to donate space (and possibly use of some of the machines) if we open up some of the courses, like the Python one, to the community in general?


David and I were on the radio this morning - BBC Radio Gloucestershire starting around 9:15am or so. You can scan back to it on here, and it’ll be up on iPlayer later:


I contacted the owner of the unit on gumtree, when I explained what it is we do he said he doesn’t think it would be suitable as it’s damp and drafty, would make a great ‘dirty space’ though.


Used iPlayer to listen to this, very impressive Alaric and David represented us really well.


We’d need a shore supply or generator for the bus. Not the hardest thing to obtain, but it is a consideration.

I’ll pop my head into Crooks Industrial Estate’s offices tomorrow morning, I don’t know what space they might have.

As a side consideration, could we meet in a pub or café on a weekly basis for now to maintain the social aspect?




Small, but affordable. Available 1st March.£365pcm/1153526660

Only a little smaller than the old space and has a kitchen!


That’s so close, but reckon that’d be just a bit too small. That’s 242sqft, Lansdown was almost 400.

It might get a bit ‘friendly’ particularly if we still want to keep growing.

I am hoping to see a place on Monday that’s in Staverton but is on 94 bus route so easy to get to and good parking.

Will keep u posted.



How about this one… plenty large enough and not too bad a location…
comes out at approx £563 per month… not too much of a stretch while we have money in the bank we can use to top up the income for a few months…should be able to be kitted out to do plenty and could attract moer members…


Oooh. Three-phase power!

I made it £669 pcm - £5800 a year rent, £336 a year insurance, £950 twice a year service charge, all divided by 12 months. But, indeed, doable if we can grow into it! After the £800 deposit we’d be able to cover the difference between our current income and the rent for three to four months, as a rough estimate; a bit of a stretch to grow that fast in that time… but I like a challenge!


Just seen the above. £450 a month after VAT for 1000sq ft in total just off bath road, main storage area might get a bit cold though!