Searching for a new (long-term) home for the Space


That looks really good. Have you made any enquiries yet?


Yep i’ve emailed tonight asking for viewings this saturday for both the bath road and innsworth units.


Did they get back to you?


Innsworth unit people got back to us, but it was actually more expensive than first realised. The bath road unit is under 2 offers already sadly.


Possible, affordable, similar size to axiom I think, but . . . Tewkesbury… Too far ???


I’ve tried to contact Crooks Industrial estate a few times, and never had an answer from the phone.

Just a thought, but would a Portakabin or two be suitable if we can find a bit of land to put them on? A single 40’ or two 24’ ones could provide a decent space. Even a portakabin for social/clean space and an ISO container to convert to a workshop for dustier tasks. We would of course still need space to put it, but plain plots of land are sometimes put up to let. There’s a large plot off Arle Avenue at present for instance:


I called into one of the businesses on Crook’s industrial estate (H’s garage, I’d recommend them highly, plus he’s very much a maker!) on other business and asked Nick if he knew what the story with the management was. The joke on Thursday was that the landlord had died. In humour lay the truth. He had. However, Nick thinks that there may be a unit available, however it is currently filled with the detritus of a bankrupt business. Nick is passing my details onto the landlord’s daughter who is at this point in charge, so should anything be possible I’ll pass the info on.


We search no more, check out the new space post for details