Teaching my 10yo daughter TIG welding


Jean’s been desperate to learn to weld for a while, and I said I’d teach her when she was ten (as long as she proved she was responsible enough by then!)

She wants to make sculptures out of old horseshoes, so I’ve been teaching her TIG welding.

On day 1, we spent an hour going over safety and general procedure, and she laid some beads down on bits of scrap, learning how to manipulate the arc and put filler metal in.

On day 2, we spent half an hour doing a butt weld.

She did pretty well! See pictures here: https://twitter.com/Kitten_Tech/status/671044798472671232

She needs to get more practice in making it neat, but she’s getting things adequately stuck together, which is pretty awesome. We’ll work on more flat butt welds, then try some other positions on scrap, until she gets some horseshoes…


Over Christmas, she made (well, I cut out the bits, and she welded most of) a shoe rack for her school:

I’ve also got her some horseshoes to turn into things - current project is a bootscraper for mymother!


best dad ever - I’m going home tonight and going to promise my son the same!

Now I need to learn to weld :smiley:


Been trying to get some horse shoes for a while! If you have a source for free, I’d appreciate some!


I never found free ones :frowning: But it turns out they’re pretty cheap on eBay!