TechCheltenham Slack Channel


It’s always been my aim with Cheltenham Hackspace to promote STEM and other creative pursuits locally, i’ve also wanted Cheltenham Hackspace to be the hub for everything creative and technical in Cheltenham.

There are various groups and businesses around Cheltenham that also have the same general aim as us but are focused on specific parts of the tech and creative agenda.

I thought that it would be good to provide a platform where people engaged in different creative or technical outlets whether they be businesses, community projects or individual enthusiasts could come together, see that other people like them exist and more importantly that there is enough of them to build a thriving technical and creative community in Cheltenham.

So i present to you ‘TechCheltenhama Slack group for anyone interested in Tech or Creative skills in Cheltenham. For those of you not in the know Slack is a instant messaging client for teams, it’s multi platform (Mobile/Web/Desktop app) and allows people to interact much like irc or other messaging clients (just without the steep learning curve).

The one problem with Slack is joining a team is invite only (Slack is normally used within teams not cross organisations) so if you would like to sign up please email and i’ll send you an invite.

There’s a channel within the group especially for Cheltenham Hackspace people, but i’ll also be creating channels for other local groups to help with their own communication and organisation. The idea being we get to chat to people outside our hackspace bubble and hopefully through that we’ll find ways we can help other organisations and grow!

Web link for the Slack group is