Vintage IBM computer for sale


A friend has an old IBM he would like to sell. Anyone have disks and experience with this?

Copied from Facebook post:
Last year my partner discovered an extremely rare IBM series 1 that belonged to her late Father. The newspapers got hold of the story and it went global. We had museums phoning us from all over the world wanting us to donate it but as it’s from 1976 and priceless (it cost £150,000+ when new!) We weren’t keen on that as we are struggling to keep the family farm going and need the money!
It was listed on EBay with over 400 watchers but Ebay deleted the listing 9 hours before it was due to finish because we included an illegal link to the YouTube clip of the ITV news report!

We aren’t keen on eBay anymore and are still looking to sell said IBM (an Apple 1 sold for £700,000 previously) Please if you know any rich collectors of historic computer antiquities then share or pass on details. Also if you have any ideas on how to get news out to buyers or other auction sites without so many ridiculous rules then please make suggestions.

Our farmhouse is 600 years old and needs total renovation so funds raised would be going towards that and saving us from selling a property that has been in my partners family for 4 generations. Without our house we have no business and without funds we have no house so we are in a total quandary!

Link to newsreel:

Link to us:

This is a genuine post. We simply want to pass on this gift from my partners late Father to a collector to enable us to keep the family home.