We have a space!


Last night we signed the lease on a new space. Its way bigger than the last one and spread over two floors. It also has 3phase power.

We’ve still got to sort out member access but we are hoping to have an openday on June 5th.

Plans are being hatched so watch this space!!!


Can’t wait to see it!


Check out the photos on Twitter!


Will be over there for an hour or so tonight (Friday) from about 7:30 to 8:30 if anyone wants to pop by and see the place.


Good to hear there is a space again! I should be down the first Thursday evening that it is open again. I am currently working with electrochemistry, if I bring the cells I am working on, am I able to leave them anywhere from week to week? (they are very small, so only a small space storage area is required). I am currently investigating self discharge voltage drops, and my bedroom is filling up with my tests, so somewhere to store them and periodically work on them would be good.

The photos look good, I am looking forward to being there.



Hi Rob, it should be open for viewing this Thursday, however we are planning on moving most of the stuff in over the next weekend (4th - 5th), as part of the planned open day.
So thursday open nights should be at the new space after that all being well


I have added a section to the Wiki for things we would like to buy for the new space, by this I mean “the space” not tools, as that section for wish list already exists

the link to the shopping list is

Another Idea is that it might be good to have a tuck shop setup, as an extension of the cans we already provide, if anyone is willing to do this, and is prepared to shop for things etc then please let us know.


After seeing the space today at lunch, I had to utter words I never thought would leave my mouth - “great job Neil” :frowning:


Will be in the space this evening fitting carpet if anyone feels like helping, from about 6;30


Well done!
fizzPOP have just renewed our lease in Floodgate Street, Digbeth for another year, and I’m working on the proposal to renew the loan of the Bromyard Heritage Centre for Make:Bromyard as I write this.
All this “premises” stuff is vital but still a headache!

Edited to add: What’s the rent & rates, and do you have enough income to cover it? That’s (always) the main issue.


Do we have any idea when the regular Thursday meetings start back up? Are there things still missing from the space?




We are meeting regularly at the new location now, the access control is not sorted out yet so only open when a director is there to unlock.

Things are all on site, however some bits are a little soggy as we had a bit of a leak during the storm on Sunday


So I see all about this new space but no mention of where it is ??


New space is at
The Runnings, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL51 9NW
(if you go to the homepage at http://www.cheltenhamhackspace.org/ and click on the ‘location’ button there is a map and some photos of the new space)